Two Years Project - The Cliff Boutique Village

Two Years Project - The Cliff Boutique Village

Madam Dong would like to share some words with our valued client to The Cliff Boutique Village Finished on dec 2018 after 2 years works, with an appreciation of real tropical living and managed by a local Vietnamese family, one feels right at home in a relaxed, quiet natural environment. away from the hustle & bustle of modern life 
The Cliff Boutique Village is owned, designed, build and managed by Madam Dong - The gentle lady, but very talented, full of enthusiasm.

Perfectly, completion of the works ! After two years, working with the local workers , look back a little startled, i do not think everything is done ...

From digging, building each stone, brick from the outdoor until in room by hand of bricklayer local, combined with nice decoration of carpenter, you can feeling this rustic when you come with us
How about our lady team's work ! we come to the marble mountain to collect the each small stone to create the bed light by ourself and the flower vessel also. And one more thing, we would like to tell you that we rebuild the wasteland into a useful garden, we grow vegetables such as: coriander, spinach, cilantro, crab vegetable ...and other fruits such as plum, mango, guava and kumquat ....During your staying with us, you can do morning excercises by clean the garbage and take care of our garden.

Hoping the travellers here feel the taste of the heart of the labourers put into each root and sure enough you will encounter the rustic as well as awkward lines somewhere . let's love its! please open forgiveness and tolerance for all the people here! We are honest people, living simple in every act and in thought. Therefore, in each service of this place will have the taste of simplicity, make you all feeling like you are at home.

The Cliff Boutique Villas - Madam Dong.